Product                                                 Fiber                                             Price


                                                             Qiviut                                             $70

                                                            Double Knit Qiviut                         $125

                                                             Bison                                              $50

                                                             Other fibers                                     $35


Neck Gaiters

                                                              Qiviut                                         $120 – $150

                                                              Double Knit Qiviut                         $250

                                                             Other fibers                                  $50 – $90

Qiviut Head Scarves                                                                            $250 – $300

Head Scarves                                     Other fibers                                   $175


Wrist Warmers                                    Qiviut                                             $125



                                                             Qiviut                                               $200

                                                             Wool                                                 $45                

                                                             Wool & Dog Fur                                 $55


Felted Wool Mittens                                                                                    $40

Felted Wool Boots  (inside wear)                                                                $75


Product inventory varies. Email or call for current selections.  I can also tell you what fibers I have on hand and can make you something from that.  As I live in Nome, Alaska, I can’t just run out to a local fiber market and pick up new materials.  I don’t always have everything on hand.

Other fibers (besides qiviut) include mohair, cashmere, bison, alpaca, angora, camel, and various combinations of these.  I have some qiviut & angora mix, which has no wool – hypo allergenic. Look at the photos to see samples of my work.  Most of my headbands and hats have a fleece lining.  This provides added warmth and stability.  The headbands have a velcro closure so they are somewhat adjustable in size.

Double knitting is a technique where two “right” sides are knitted at the same time.  The resulting fabric is double and if there is a design in the knitting, the design is on both sides, the garment is reversible.

Prices do not include shipping costs.  I use the Postal Service, generally priority mail and this adds $5 -$15 to the cost.

Use my contact page or:  kirsten[at]  to contact me or call me at:  (907)443-3761